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Sometimes we are so caught up in our own lives, with our own drama that it’s easy to forget to pray for others, especially those who are involved in missions work  here or in other countries.

My missionary friend Ilona reminded me of that in her recent blog where she wrote about worry, trust and love. She’s experiencing a partial “empty nest” with two of her children in college here in the states while she and her hubby work in Mexico.

Because she loves she worries about her sons, yet because she loves Christ, she must trust Him to care for them when she cannot.

She writes that trust takes:

“…a whispered breath to my God who promises to hear me when I call,

…an urgent plea for Him to keep his angels around my family,

…and a thankful heart that He is able to do more than I can even think or imagine.

Trust carries me through as the worry is chased away.”

Thanks Ilona for the reminder about trust as I pray through the family dramas going on here today. And thanks especially for the reminder that my family isn’t the only one with “drama” going on right now – I will take time to pray for yours and for other missionaries today who may be struggling with the issues of love, trust and worry.


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