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Did you know that June 4th is National Cheese Day? some_kind_of_cheese_198873

I happened to catch that newsy story on one of my favorite food/recipe blogs this morning and just HAD to make a cheesy fritata with spinach and other veggies this morning. Yummy!

Cheese is one of my favorite foods and it always reminds me of pizza. Pizza reminds me of about a zillion stories which involve making pizza with my children when they were younger and now with my grand kids, celebrating birthdays with my youth class, and cheesy recipes I used to enjoy at home when I was growing up.

While this blog isn’t really about food,  it is about stories. Food and stories just naturally go together.  We each have our personal collection of stories  of  weddings, birthdays, births, holidays and graduations which center around food. We mourn with food because it comforts us. We even worship with food afterwards: “yack and snack,” food and fellowship, pot-luck and dinner-on-the-ground. Call it whatever you like. We are food oriented;  each of those food events generates stories which remind us of people and relationships.

Even the aroma of food can trigger childhood memories or stories. When my husband is greeted by the aroma of fresh-baked bread upon entering the house, he always gets a far away look in his eyes and comments about how he used to come home from school to have a warm roll fresh from the oven on his mom’s baking days.

Who can resist popcorn when they go to see a “story” acted out on the silver screen at the movies? Or s’mores and ghost stories around the summer campfire? What about all those Bible stories connected with food? Manna in the wilderness, the little boy with five loaves and two fish, Jesus feeding his disciples on the beach after his resurrection and the Lord’s Supper? In each of my Bible novels there are scenes involving food because the cooking fire, like today’s kitchen table was the scene of family discussions, bonding and story-telling.

I hope you have a Happy National Cheese Day today! Enjoy some cheese and as you munch on it, see what stories and people come to mind. I’d love to hear from you!




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“But if we live in the light in the same way as he is in the light, we have fellowship with each other, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, cleanses us from every sin.”        1 John 1:7 CEB

Here is a fun game you can play with your children or your children’s church group. Try drawing a face  on a clean sheet of paper while wearing a blindfold. The results will be fun for all to see. But even more fun is watching the children while they work.

Some will be meticulous,feeling the drawing with their fingers to decide the placement of eyes, nose, mouth and hair. These drawings may be  good,  thought they may still be a little distorted.

Others will use their imagination to picture the face in their mind, then drawing what they see there. They will have all the parts, but not necessarily in the right places. LOL!

In a variation of this game, I asked each individual in my class to draw a person or animal. The first person draws the head, adding as much or as little detail as they want. They fold the paper over what they have drawn, leaving just a little of the neck exposed,before passing their paper on to their neighbor. The next child must draw the  body without looking at what the first child drew. They repeat the folding process, leaving the beginning of the legs exposed, then pass it on to a third child who finishes drawing the legs.

It’s fun for all to see the finished drawings because no one knows what the person before them drew. You may end up with an alien, wearing a diaper, walking around on cow hooves for legs.

These simple games are  great illustrations for today’s verse. When we live our lives in spiritual darkness, we can’t see the whole picture of who we are or what we can be. Problems we face may seem distorted and seem bigger than they would if we saw them in God’s light.

Since we are social beings, we will interact with others.  When spiritual darkness obscures our vision,, those interactions may be ill-fitting or even harmful to us or to those around us.

But when we walk in the light of God, there is no place to hide our faults and flaws. Once we see them, we  can allow him to use his divine eraser to rub out those less than perfect areas of our lives and to  redraw them according to his plan. In his light, we can see what is going on in the lives of others and can fellowship together in love and unity, rather than hurting and judging them.

Father, shine your light in my heart today! Amen.

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