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The truth is – walls CAN talk and they often say a lot about the people who live within them.

In man’s early history, glyphs and simple pictures were etched on cave walls, depicting their stories about successful hunts or Hawaiian_Petroglyphsfishing expeditions. Egyptians painted the history of the Pharaoh’s family on the pyramid walls. Native Americans painted on the leather skins of their tepees and sandy pueblo walls. Skilled weavers soon learned how to created colorful fabrics and tapestries which told stories through their colors, patterns and pictures. Women through history have created samplers which were framed and hung on walls, used as educational tools or depicting Bible verses or family tree info as memory aids. All one had to do was to step inside the home to learn all about that family’s story.

People still use their walls to tell family stories. My daughter with the 8 children has a whole wall dedicated to their current pictures – all in the same type and color of frame. She has even dressed them alike some years – all the girls in long denim skirts and bare feet while the boys wear jeans and white shirts, also bare footed. It makes a great display and conveys a message of the desire for a simpler lifestyle. The happy expressions on each child’s face conveys the joy of family life they experience.

I also have a wall as you come in my back door with photos of my family – A wedding picture of my husband and myself, with a framed verse about family heritage where all the children know the Lord. A photo of each of the children when they were younger flanks our wedding photo and now photos of the grand children. (Hmmm – I need to seriously update that wall to get EVERYONE in the picture since there are 11 grandchildren now!)

Anyone remember those home décor parties where you invited all your friends to see demonstrations of how to use themed art pieces, mirrors, beautiful pictures, sconces, floral holders and the like to create ornate wall displays that filled up a good portion of wall space? The wall display was intended to tell a story to visitors in that home – showing the preferences and the personality of the home owner as well warmth and welcome.

Over the years home décor trends have changed. They went from pastel to bold wall colors. From single pictures to wall displays. From photos to subway art, stitched samplers to vinyl wall clings that spell out bold poetic sayings across a whole wall; you have only to step inside someone’s home to read their lives on the walls. Oh yes! Walls do talk – they speak volumes.

What do your walls say about you, your family and your faith? I’d love to hear from you!


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