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Like a skillful writer God is constantly weaving events and people into the stories of our lives. Sometimes we don’t even realize what he’s  doing as the interactions unfold, but later as we look back, we realize how richly God has blessed us through the people he brings across our path.

Danny Dog and Eggo the Chihuahua

Danny Dog and Eggo the Chihuahua

Several years ago, we wanted to adopt another dog after our family pet died. I began looking at local shelter and rescue organization sites and found a sweet looking boy named Danny. I think it must have been his name that attracted me along with his beautiful face since my husband’s name is also Dan.

We found out that Danny was being fostered  nearby so  We contacted his foster mom and made arrangements to see him and ultimately adopted him. From the first day we had him, he brought  a lot of joy into our home. End of story? No – not in God’s plan. We became friends with Danny’s foster mom – a wonderful Christian woman – and kept in touch to let her know how Danny Boy was doing. When I needed to go back to work, she gave me a great reference that was instrumental in helping me get  a job in one of the school systems as a substitute aide.

But the story doesn’t stop there.  Our Danny Boy became very ill with a cancerous tumor and died just a few weeks ago.  Our friend was also saddened by his passing. But she knew of our affection for dogs and within a few days had found



us a sweet Brittany girl named Daisy to foster  to fill the empty spot left by Danny’s passing.  Thank you, Susan, for allowing God to write you into the pages of my story so many times!

I could tell many more similar stories of people whose lives God wove into the story of my life that made a big difference on this journey. But as an added blessing, over the past few years, I’ve begun to hear from people I knew many years ago (Facebook and other social media have made the world a lot smaller!) who have told me how the Lord used me in their lives as well.

We never know how our lives will impact others. Sometimes they are only in our lives for a moment, for one small paragraph. Other times  our paths criss-cross many times, in many chapters.

Take time to remember these stories today and also to thank the Lord  for the richness he has added to our lives through these people. And while you’re at it, let them know how much they mean to you too!


*** Shameless plug LOL! Our Danny and Daisy both came from NBRAN (National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network)  For more information on how to volunteer, make a charitable contribution or adopt a beautiful Brit, check out the NBRAN website! Who knows? Maybe God will weave you into the pages of someone else’s book through reading this story?



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“With God’s power working in us, God can do much, much more than anything we can ask or imagine.  To him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus for all time, forever and ever. Amen.”        Ephesians 3:20-21 NCV

When a dog has special needs, it can be difficult to place that dog in a permanent home. Trooper came to NBRAN (a Brittany rescue organization) full of heartworms, He lost one eye and the vet said he’d soon lose the other. He’d need special placement in a loving forever home. But who’d want to care for a blind dog?

Volunteers at NBRAN worked hard to find him just the right place. He now lives a happy, healthy life with his mom and a Brittany brother, Murphy. Murphy looks out for his brother, helping him navigate and even teaching him to look out the window and bark in the right direction at things he can’t see.

By banding together, these volunteers can do much for these needy dogs. It seems the needier the dog, tha harder they work to save him!  It doesn’t matter what he looks like or what problems he has, they are there for him, doing what they can with their pooled resources. And this morning I want to thank them because they helped place a special needy older Brittany named Danny with us two years ago.

But if a group of volunteers can do so much for the dogs they love by working together, just think of how much a loving God, with all heaven’s resources, can do for us as his power works in us!  And just imagine what we can do together  to help the lost, the poor and needy in our world as his power works through us.

Lord, thank you for this awesome vision this morning. Now make it happen through me. Amen.

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 For God saved us and called us to live a holy life. He did this, not because we deserved it, but because that was his plan from before the beginning of time—to show us his grace through Christ Jesus   2 Timothy 1:9   NLT

I’m a “rescue mom.” It’s not something                                                                                   I planned to do, but after it happened, I knew my heart was hooked forever.

Danny came to us a year and a half ago, when we were looking for a new dog.. My houseful of grandchildren suddenly cleared out,taking their beautiful golden retriever with them, leaving a big empty spot in my heart. So I began an internet search of nearby shelters. With his roguish grin and sweet face, this Brittany  won my heart instantly. And the fact that his name was “Danny”  like my husband, well… it just seemed right.

As an older and once abused dog, Danny had some problems like arthritis and a fear of young children, but we went ahead with the adoption since our grandchildren lived some distance away and probably wouldn’t be around Danny much. However, after a year away, the grandkids moved back to the area ans were often at our house. It took a lot of patience and work, but Danny did get used to them and even misses them now that they’ve moved again.He’s such a love.

God is a “rescue Dad” too.  Though our lives were riddled with sin and so many problems, He adopted us – not because we deserved a place in His family, but because He chose to do it. Now He patiently works through the issues in our lives, shaping us into the people He created us to be – A plan He decided upon long before we were ever born.

Thank you Lord for choosing to rescue me by your grace through your son, Jesus Christ.  Amen..  

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